This is a timeline of known historical events that occured in Selenoth. All years are given in Anno Salutis Humanae (ASH).

1st centuryEdit

  • 44 (approx.): The War of the Three Races results in the destruction of the elven kingdoms of Arathaim and Falas.

2nd centuryEdit

3rd centuryEdit

  • 201 (approx.): The Watcher named Merars is beheaded by the king of Cormazond and his still-living head is placed on a spear and set on Mount Arman.

4th centuryEdit

5th centuryEdit

6th centuryEdit

  • 501 (approx.): The wars of the Witchkings begin.
  • 541 (approx.): The High King of Elebrion asks the Collegium Occuldum for assistance in fighting the Witchkings. The Collegium agrees, on the condition that the High King follows its command for the duration of the war.
  • 544 (approx.): The Witchkings are defeated. The last known Witchking, Ar Maraugh, is captured and killed.
  • 557 (approx.): Speer - Lord Dauragh, son of Mauragh - is revealed to the servants of the Witchking and trained for the Arts of Dark in secret in the Wolf Isles.
  • 566 (approx.): With the guidance of the demon Scaum-Durna, Lord Dauragh creates the Ulfin race.

7th centuryEdit

  • 644 (approx.): The Andronican dynasty in Amorr is overthrown and the Sacred Republic is established.

8th centuryEdit

9th centuryEdit

  • 843: The Tertullian monk Herwaldus arrives at the Collegium Occuldum and is martyred there. Bessarias departs from the Collegium to learn more about Herwaldus's God.
  • 853: Bessarias arrives at a Dioscurine monastery and begins to produce a copy of the Sacred Script.
  • 865: Quintus Tullius discovers that he has the power to see the buildup of magical power before it is discharged after praying to the Immaculate. Later known as St. Oculatus, the Order of the Michaelines is founded with him as their patron saint.

10th centuryEdit

11th centuryEdit

  • 1014 (approx.): The Dalarn begin to experience increased attacks on their communities from the ulfin.
  • 1036 (approx.): The last major Dalarn raid on the coasts of Savondir occurs.
  • 1043:
    • Prince Charles-Phillipe of Savondir, also known as the Red Prince, suppresses a revolt in Montrove and kills the Duc de Montrove.
    • 1 Novembre: His Holiness Charity IV declares that elves have immortal souls.
  • 1044:
    • Lucius Andronicus Caudinus is defeated and killed in battle while supressing a revolt in Cynothicum.