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This is a list of characters in the Selenoth universe who do not belong to the races of men, elves or dwarves.

Summa ElveticaEdit

  • (name unknown), an ulfin scout of Svangor Ironjaw's tenth pack, captured in the Shadowald by the Church delegation and presented to the High King of Elebrion

A Throne of BonesEdit


  • Meerfin Shistgurble, Third Assistant Frogcatcher and conscript in the Eighth Goblin Auxilary Foot of Zorn Narvog
  • Groonul Poisonspear, Master Frog Hunter
  • Wobbran Twice-Bitten, Stoneholder
  • Barkmoss, a goblin of the Aeglu tribe

Other RacesEdit

  • Aslaughyrna, a drake
  • Vengirasse, a warhawk
  • Vermiligmum, a demon

Short StoriesEdit

Master of CatsEdit

  • Mastema, a demon and pet of Bessarias

Qalabi DawnEdit

  • Shabaka la-Mkia, a Chiu, Kubwa Jumbe of the Khatuuli, also called Shabaka No-Tail
  • Tjel, a Chiu, Jumbe of the Mahali, Kurka and Ndoro, Shabaka's second-in-command
  • Khepren, a Chiu, Jumbe of the Assur, Shabaka's father
  • Ikkur, a Chiu, member of the Assur tribe
  • Senwosret, a Simba, Jumbe of the Ndevu

The Last WitchkingEdit

  • Scaum-Durna, a demon, advisor to Dauragh
  • Baastiel, a she-devil

Opera Vita AeternaEdit

  • Mastema, a demon and former pet of Bessarias

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