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Summa ElveticaEdit

  • Marcus Valerius

A Throne of BonesEdit

Minor Point-of-View CharactersEdit

  • His Sanctified Holiness Charity IV, formerly Quintus Flavius Ahenobarbus
  • Gaius Valerius Fortex
  • Meerfin Shistgurble
  • Servius Valerius Corvinus
  • The Battle of the Three Legions (various)

Novellas and Short StoriesEdit

Master of CatsEdit

Birth of an OrderEdit

  • Quintus Tullius

A Magic BrokenEdit

  • Nicolas du Mere/Theuderic de Merovich
  • Lodi, son of Dunmorin

The Wardog's CoinEdit

  • Le Sergent

Qalabi DawnEdit

  • Shabaka la-Mkia
  • Quintus Cassianus Vopiscus

The Last WitchkingEdit

  • Speer Gnasor/Dauragh, son of Mauragh

Opera Vita AeternaEdit

  • Father Waleran
  • Bessarias

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