Malkan is a city located in a mountainous region in central Selenoth. It is famed for its independence from the nearby human realms of Amorr and Savondir, and for its key role in trade between those two realms.


Originally built by dwarves, Malkan's central location allowed it to become a trading center between the northern and southern portions of the continent. Eventually, seven of the twelve Great Guilds of Savondir were founded in Malkan and still retain their headquarters in the city. Consequently, large numbers of men began to occupy the city and now make up the majority of its surface population.

Malkan's position in the mountains has prevented attacks on the city from occurring frequently. The last major attack on the city occurred over two hundred years ago.


Although nominal rulers are given power from time to time, they are rarely more than puppets for the merchants and bankers who are the de facto rulers of the city. In many cases, these puppet rulers have been assassinated and replaced by the powers that be in a matter of days.


Although Malkan does not maintain standing armies the way that Amorr and Savondir do, it is nonetheless capable of defending itself from attack. Its primary means of defense are its geographical location and its walls.

Defensive CapabilitiesEdit

The mountainous terrain around Malkan makes moving large armies through the region difficult and precludes them from using their numbers as an advantage during a battle. Additionally, Malkan is surrounded by two concentric circular walls. The outer wall is set far enough from nearby cliffs to prevent attackers from descending on it. The inner wall is ringed by four battlements that are capable of raining fire on any attackers beyond the outer wall. Both walls are built on solid bedrock, which makes targeting their foundations difficult.

In addition to these geographical difficulties, the dwarven population would present another problem to any army attacking Malkan. The dwarven ability to tunnel underground would mean that any enemy would likely face counterattacks on his army from below. Beyond that, the extensive network of underground roads built by dwarves around the city could likely be used to bring in supplies during a siege.

Prominent Locations Within MalkanEdit


The Merry WidowEdit

A low to mid-range establishment featuring fairly clean, if somewhat unmemorable and unexotic women.

The Golden RoseEdit

An exclusive and upscale establishment, complete with exotic whores and catering to a variety of interests. A private club: membership required.


The Axe and PickEdit

One of five inns catering to Dwarves in the city. Where Lodi acquired the four dwarves from a slaver.

(Unnamed inn)Edit

A former stable with shoddy furniture and horrible ale. Where Lodi bargained with a slaver for the lives of dwarves.