The kingdom of Savondir is a large human kingdom located in the central northern area of Selenoth. It is bordered on the east by Iron Mountain, the south by Merithaim, and the north by the White Sea. The capital city of Savondir is Lutèce.


Once considered to be barbaric lands shortly after the overthrow of the Witchkings, the lands of Savondir were eventually united into a single kingdom. Around this time, belief in the Immaculate was spread due to major efforts by Diaspelian, who founded as many as thirty churches throughout Savondir. Throughout most of the kingdom's history, the northern coast was plagued by Dalarn reavers from the Iles de Loup. In recent years, however, these raids have stopped as the reavers have turned to fighting the ulfin which are increasingly plaguing their communities.

The Savondese language is related to Amorran, and is represented by French in the novels.


Savondir is ruled by a hereditary monarchy. The throne is currently held by the de Mirid dynasty. The king is advised by the Haut Conseil, which is composed of the Chancielier, the Maréchal de Savonne, the Grandmagicien of L'Académie des Sage-Arts, the Archbishop de la Royaume, and the Bishop de Châlaons.

The nobility of Savondir are ranked as follows: the highest class of nobility is Grand Duc, followed by Duc, Marquis, Comte and Viscomte. Although the king has his own royal army, nobles will often act of their own accord and raise their own forces when defending their own lands from outside raids or conflicts with each other.


The monarchy maintains its own royal army; however, it also occasionally relies on the nobility of Savondir to raise up additional forces if the need arises. The armies of Savondir rely on heavily armored knights and men-at-arms for most fighting.

L'Académie des Sage-ArtsEdit

The Académie is the royal institution dedicated to training royal battlemages for the service of the king's army. Every boy in the kingdom is tested at the age of ten for magical abilities, and every girl is tested at the age of twelve. Any children found to have magical abilities are claimed as property of the realm and sent to the Académie. Boys are trained to become battlemages and, if deemed capable of fighting, will serve as part of the King's Own. In some cases, they will conduct intelligence operations for the crown. Girls, depending on magical aptitude, are required to bear between one and four children for the King's Own in order to increase its numbers.

The Académie is headed by the immortels, a group of the most powerful mages in Savondir. Not only are the immortels responsible for training new battlemages, they are also responsible for researching and experimenting with new forms of magic that can be applied to the battlefield.


  • Lutèce
  • Montrove
  • Écarlate
  • Portblanc