Selenoth is, by tradition, one of the world's continents. Comprising the easternmost peninsula of the world's supercontinent, Selenoth is generally separated from the remainder by the great dividing mountains on the southern border of the Kathul Desert.

Physical GeographyEdit

The climate of Selenoth is primarily temperate, with subtropical isles at the southernmost region, and sub-arctic climate on the northern edges of the Iles de Loup.

The western part of Selenoth is generally flat with large arid regions, such as the Kathul Desert in the southwest. Mountainous regions exist in the central area of the continent around Malkan and to the east, including Iron Mountain, Elebrion, and the orcish lands.

The forested regions of Selenoth include the kingdom of Merithaim, the Grimmwalde to its north, the eastern part of the Amorran Empire (in and around the province of Bithnya) and the land of Gog.

Political GeographyEdit

Generally speaking, the political map of Selenoth is divided into four general realms: the Amorran Empire, the Kingdom of Savondir, the elven kingdoms, and other lands.

The dominions of the elves, while technically non-human, are the only non-human domains to have established diplomatic relations with the human kingdoms, and are therefore generally not regarded as part of the non-human lands. These dominions include Elebrion, home of the high elves, Merithaim, home of the wood elves, and Kir Donas.

The other lands are divided along racial lines. Tribes of the Dalarn inhabit the Iles de Loup. To the west, barbarian tribes of horsemen roam the steppes.

Dwarves, who occupy the underground region of Malkan, Iron Mountain and its range, are more likely then any other race to ally with men. The city of Malkan in particular, while originally built by dwarves, is now occupied by large numbers of men as well.

Goblins and orcs are scattered loosely throughout the otherwise inhospitable lands in the northeast range beyond Iron Mountain, and the marginally fertile farmlands of the northwest. Trolls, while relatively rare, dominate orc clutches in Gog, Magog, and parts of Uskiluhk.

Recently, large portions of the Iles de Loup have been conquered by the ulfin, who are contesting the Dalarn for dominance of the islands. In the southwest, the khatuuli have come to occupy the Qalabi Desert.

The mysterious Mer occupy the fresh rivers of Selenoth and the salt seas around it, and they are likely divided by race according to their relative acclimation to salt.

List of LocationsEdit

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