The Amorran Empire is the largest human empire located on Selenoth. It extends along the coast of Selenoth's southern sea along the southern border of Merithaim to the eastern edge of the Kathul Desert. It is ruled by the city of Amorr, which is located near the center of the empire. Around Amorr lie the allied cities, most of which are either Utruccan or Faliscan, and beyond them, the provinces.


Amorr was originally ruled by the kings of the Andronican dynasty. As the kings of this dynasty gradually fell into madness roughly four hundred years ago, the noble families of the city, who eventually came to be known as the City Fathers, overthrew the monarchy and established the Sacred Republic that currently rules the city. Since then, Amorr has used its highly disciplined legions to build an empire along the southern coast of Selenoth.


The city of Amorr is ruled by the Sacred Republic, which declares God to be King of the city and the Sanctiff of the Immaculate Church to be His viceroy on earth. Most matters of state, however, are carried out by the Amorran Senate. The Senate is overseen by three consuls: the consul aquilae, the consul civitas, and the consul provincae. These consuls are elected for one year terms every year. Voting rights in these elections are limited to citizens of Amorr only. This limitation in voting rights has caused tensions in relations with the allied cities and the provinces, which are required to pay taxes to Amorr despite their lack of voting rights.


The basic unit of the Amorran army is the legion. The legion is composed of light infantry that act as skirmishers, heavy infantry that are typically armed with pilum and gladii, cavalry which are used to disrupt enemy infantry formations and engage enemy cavalry, and artillery equipment, such as scorpios and onagers.

Amorran legions are commanded by a stragister militum, who makes strategic decisions for the legions under his command, and a legate, who commands the legion directly and is responsible for its discipline. Below them are the tribunes, who are elected by general assemblies yearly to serve in the legions. Under the tribunes are the centurions, who each command a century (roughly 100 men) of infantry, and the decurions, who each command a squadron of cavalry.

The discipline of the Amorran legions is legendary throughout Selenoth. New legions often train extensively before being sent on a campaign. In certain cases, soldiers or even officers could be executed for disobeying orders, especially if the legion has been placed under Modus Austeris, or extraordinary discipline. This strict discipline is widely attributed as one of the primary reasons that Amorr has been able to conquer and maintain its empire.

Allied Cities and ProvincesEdit

Allied CitiesEdit

  • Marruvium
  • Aeternum
  • Caelignus
  • Larinum
  • Silarea
  • Telinus
  • Salventum
  • Galabrus
  • Quinqueterra
  • Trivicum
  • Tarquinia
  • Vallyria


  • Illyris Baara
  • Cynothicum
  • Thaparus
  • Epra
  • Mindoros
  • Sablema
  • Thursia
  • Mirbonensis
  • Andriscedon
  • Terracondus
  • Orontis
  • Ptolus Triticus
  • Bithnya
  • Avarus
  • Gorignia